What happens at the Gluten Free Fest?

The Gluten Free Fest is a combination of exhibitor booths and educational speakers related to gluten-free living.

Who should attend the Gluten Free Fest?

Anyone that is living a gluten-free lifestyle.

Are all exhibitor booths gluten free?

Yes. All products at THe Gluten Free Fest are gluten-free. Some products may be manufactured in non-dedicated facility and may not be certified. Check with each exhibitor before consuming or using the products.

What types of items do the exhibitors display?

Most of our exhibitirs carry food items, but other vendors also exhibit health & beauty items, vitamins & supplements and other services that help you live a full gluten-free lifestyle.

Can I get free products at the Gluten Free Fest?

Yes! Many vendors hand out samples or coupons in their booth. When you arrive, you will be given a bag to carry your goodies. There will also be hot food availble at some booths. Please check the vendor list for these details.

Is there free parking?

Yes, there is free parking.

Do exhibitors accept credit cards?

Some will and some only take cash. It is best to bring cash with you.