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Gfree Wifey Food Bank


Over the last year, we’ve partnered with GFreeWifeyFoodBank to offer several food drives in the Region of Waterloo.  During the KW Gluten Free Fest, with the support of our guests, more than 155 lbs of gluten free food was received and donated to the Region of Waterloo Foodbank. 


Our drive to work towards finding a long term solution to end hunger continues as we work with GFreeWifeyFoodBank and our local communities.  If you would like to donate gluten free products to support families accessing Food Banks, who also require gluten free items, please email us.

The GFreeWifeyFoodBank was created by Jessica Danford to celebrate Celiac Awareness Month, which is commemorated in May.  Jessica is passionate about providing access to safe food for all and partners with local businesses and groups to offer gluten free options for those who access food banks, but who aren’t necessarily the recipient of gluten free products.

COVID-19 has put a lot of restraints around services and families are having to alter their plans daily.  Children are now at home and can’t access free food programs at school or in their community.

Now’s the time we all need to support one another! If you’re able, please support Jess by donating to #GFreeWifeyFoodBank and assist families during this difficult time.

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