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Sara and Liz met in Breslau and bonded over their love for bringing people together through events. They founded The Event Planners in 2019 to turn this passion into action.

Sara, who has been diagnosed with celiac disease, has a personal passion for supporting local gluten-free businesses in the Region of Waterloo. She envisioned creating a one-stop-shopping event experience that would showcase these businesses and invite guest speakers to engage and educate the gluten-free and celiac community. Liz quickly joined in, despite not having celiac disease herself, and became a friend who truly understood the challenges of living a gluten-free lifestyle.


In September 2019, we hosted the 1st Annual Gluten-Free Fest. With twenty-three exhibitors, two guest speakers, one food demonstration, and over 1,200 guests, we knew we had hit upon something special. We saw first-hand the bond that guests had with each other and the joy on their faces knowing they were in a safe environment to consume products worry-free.


Since then, we have received an overwhelming response from the community to offer more. We've been supporting and championing gluten-free living in the KW area by connecting people and businesses, hosting meet-ups, assisting with food drives, and planning upcoming events. We never imagined that Gluten-Free Fest would evolve into something much bigger than our original vision.


As we continue to grow, we're expanding the boundaries of "fest" to be more inclusive while still maintaining our original goal of supporting local gluten-free businesses and the celiac/gluten-free community. We believe there's more we can do to advocate for our collective community and are committed to making that happen.

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